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Air Monitoring Equipments

Instrumex is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of range of superior quality Air Monitoring Equipments that have earned wide acknowledgement due to their superb make. These top-grade instruments are manufactured at our production unit making use of advanced techniques and components. Our range comprises Instrumex PM 2.5 Ambient Fine Dust Sampler, Instrumex Respirable Dust Sampler IPM 115 BL-NL, Instrumex Portable/Handy Dust Sampler IPM-191, and Instrumex Stack Monitoring Kit IPM-112.

Respirable Dust Sampler

Item Code: IPM-115-BL-NL

Instrumex Respirable Dust Sampler is based on the simple design standardized by USEPA for monitoring the Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in Ambient air and also simultaneous sampling of pollutant gases like SO2, NOx, CL2 H2S, CS2, etc. These gases are analyzed subsequently by simple chemistry method to determine concentration of specific pollutant.
Instrumex has introduced a new type of Respirable Dust Sampler with the High Volume Sampler. The IPM-115(BL/NL) Sampler first separates the coarser particles (larger than 10 microns) from the air stream before filtering it on the 0. 5-micron pore-size filter, allowing a measurement of both the TSP and the Respirable fraction of the Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM). It draws the air by the help of high flow rate blower at the nominal flow rate 1. 4 cubic meters per minute. As the air passes through the cyclone inside the RDS, coarse and non-respirable dust is separated from the air stream by centrifugal force acting on the solid particles and collects inside the sampling bottle. The size of this type of dust varies from 10 microns to 100 microns. On the other hand fine dust whose diameter is less than 10 microns passes to the filter paper.


Particle Collection: Below 10 microns collected on filter paper and bigger than 10  micron will be collected in a separate sampling bottle, through a cyclone separator.

Bower Motor: The instrument has a Brushless and Noiseless motor which has replaced the conventional high speed blower which was belt driven and where carbon brushes were required to be replaced at regular intervals. Therefore there is no need to keep track of the belt & the carbon brushes.
Programmable Timer & Relay : To set the ON Time. Programmable Relay for superior motor protection in case of Hi and Low voltage. 

PM 2.5 Sampler

Item Code: IPM-FDS

Instrumex PM2.5 Fine Dust Sampler, Model no. IPM-FDS-2.5µ/10µ is an advanced sampler conforms to the USEPA and CPCB norms. The flow is controlled by microprocessor based flow controller for maintaining the flow rate constant at 16.67 LPM. All parameters are available at an interval of every 5 minutes and can be downloaded using a USB interface. The instrument is calibrated from Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad and the calibration certificate is provided along with the instrument.

PM 2.5 Size Separator

EPA PM 2.5 WINS Impactor

PM 10 Size Separator      

EPA Omni-directional ambient particle inlet with 10µ separation assembly & sample transport tube.

Filter Media                       

47 mm Filter in a Filter Cassette housed in Filter Holder assembly.

Flow Rate Meter & Volume Totaliser

(USEPA Procedure Followed)

Flow in LPM on Digital Display with a Resolution of 0.01 LPM under actual operating conditions. Flow rate maintained Constant @ 16.67 LPM with ±2% Accuracy Throughout Sampling Period using Microprocessor Based Digital Flow Controller.

Clock / Timer System       

Programmable Real Time control system with automatic start & stop & digital display of date & time & time of sampling. Accuracy ± 2 min / month.

Temperature Sensors       

For Ambient temperature & Filter temperature Range - 5°C to 50°C with a Resolution of 0.10C.

Bar Press Sensor   

Range 600 to 800 mm Hg. Resolution,  1 mm Hg


20x4 LCD display showing parameters in real time viz.

·         Flow Rate (16.67) LPM

·         Volumetric Flow

·         Barometric Pressure

·         Ambient Temperature

·         Filter Temperature

Output Terminal       

RS-232C for connection to PC and USB Flash Drive (Optional)

Calibrated from

Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad, Kerala

Dimension & Weight

(17x13x19)” /Approx 25 Kg

Low Volume Dust Sampler

Item Code: IPM191

A compact, versatile Low Volume Air Sampler with wide flow range of 0-5LPM & 0-500mLPM for monitoring gaseous and particulate pollutants in ambient air and the work - space environment to analyze inorganic gases such as SO2, NOx. Nh3, CS2, Hydrocarbons, Solvent Vapor, Benzene & to determine Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) as per the factory act 1948 amended in 1987-88 provided for regulation of monitoring of workspace environment and exposure of workmen to harmful pollutants and chemicals.  This instrument is small, light in weight, mounted in a compact aluminium case and is fitted with a diaphragm pump, a rota meter and a pinch valve for flow adjustment. The instrument is a micro controller based unit for timer operated function of the system. It comes with a digital display timer and sampling devices.


a) Determines the general background levels
b) Checks & identifies pollutants in environment & their sources
c) For the assessment of personal exposures
d) For checking efficiency & effectiveness of control measures

Devices for sampling:

  • Acrylic filter holder for what man filter paper to determine.
  • Suspended particulate matter. These are available in two sizes i. E. 25min & 47 mm dia.
  • 2 impinges to analyze inorganic gases such as SO2, NOx. NH3, CS2, Benzene (at low flow) etc.
  • Activated charcoal tubes for analysis of hydrocarbons & solvent vapor.

Stack Monitoring Kit

INSTRUMEX STACK MONITORING KIT IPM-112 is designed to serve the most crucial purpose of measuring the total volumetric discharge of particulate matter and gaseous pollutants from the stacks. This efficient and flexible system samples, all gaseous stream effluents in accordance with the Air {Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act of 1981 by which all industrial establishments have to measure and monitor emissions from their plants and keep them under controlled limits.
It takes accurate isokinetic samples of the effluents in the emissions from chemical and combustion process.
Designed to operate with its sampling probe in a horizontal or vertical position, this versatile unit can be used in round or rectangular stacks and ducts with flow velocities from 1 to 40 m/sec and temperatures up to 600C or higher with optional accessories. It collects particulate samples (down to 0.3 dial) sulphur dioxide gas (SO2) sulphur trioxide (SO3), Sulphuric Acid mist (H2SO4), Oxides of Nitrogen (NO3), Water vapors and many other gases which can be measured by Chemical methods.


  • Lightweight powder coated control unit is provided in four separate boxes for easy handling
  • Digital readout for temperature of dry gas meter and stack gas.
  • Dry gas meter for total flow measurement
  • Unique Tapered thimble holder for leak proof collection
  • Six glass impingers
  • Acrylic rotameters for flow measurements
  • Light weight monoblock vacuum pump
  • Inclined Manometer with 0.01 inch WG resolution with spill proof arrangement
  • S- type pitot tube of 1.5-meter length individually calibrated as per EPA regulations ( I.I.T.Mumbai)
  • S.S. Thermocouple of 1.5-meter length

Air Sampler

Instrumex’ high volume sampler with respirable dust sampler.


  • Model no. Ipm – 115 (bl/nl) brushless & noiseless. (pm-10)

  • Particle size : below 10, collected on filter paper and bigger than 10 will be collected in a separate sampling bottle sampling

  • Time record : 0-9999. 99 hrs.

  • Flow rate : 0. 9 to 1. 4 meter cube/min.

  • Sampling time : 28 hrs.

  • Automatic sampling : by- 24 hrs

  • Programmable timer voltage stabilizer : auto shut off beyond (170 – 270) volts.

  • Filter : gf/a. (8x10)”.

  • Power need : 230 v. 50 hz. 1 phase a. C.

  • Overall size : approximate(400x300x650)mm

  • Blower type : heavy duty brushless blower /noise less. Non belt driven. Gaseous

  • Sampling kit : 4 no. impingers with manifold & rota meter 0. 3 –3 LPM.

Thermoelectrically Cooled Gaseous Sampling Attachment

Item Code: IPM-117

Often while outdoor sampling, the gases are heated up because of external heat from the environment. This causes the temperature in the gaseous sampling kit to rise and the readings taken thereof can be erroneous if the temperature is not maintained constant. Instrumex thermoelectrically cooled gaseous sampling kit maintains the temperature within 15-20 DegC and hence the results of gaseous sampling will be independent of the temperature variation in the environment.

  • Flow rate       :  0 to 1 LPM rotameter with least count of 0.1LPM
  • Flow Control    :  Acrylic manifold with Four Inlet and One outlet
  • Sampling train  :  4 No impinger cap. 35ml. (Borosilicate Glass) 

This Gaseous Attachment can be used with following Instruments:

  • Instrumex ambient fine dust sampler, IPM-FDS 2.5/10 Micron
  • Instrumex respirable dust sampler (PM-10) IPM-115 BL/NL

Ambient Air Monitoring Equipments

Instrumex make  IPM-FDS(2. 5µ / 10µ) Ambient  Fine  Dust  Dampler

Model- Microprocessor based

PM 2. 5 size separator

EPA PM 2. 5 WINS impactor

PM 10 size separator      

EPA omni- directional ambient particle inlet with 10µ separation assembly & sample transport tube.

Filter Media                       

47 mm filter in a filter cassette housed in filter holder assembly.

Flow rate meter & Volume totaliser

(USEPA procedure followed)

Flow in LPM on digital display with a resolution of 0. 01 LPM under actual operating conditions. Flow rate maintained constant @ 16. 67 LPM with ±2% accuracy throughout sampling period using microprocessor based digital flow controller.

Clock / Timer system       

Programmable real time control system with automatic start & stop & digital display of date & time & time of sampling. Accuracy ± 2 min / month.

Temperature sensors       

For ambient temperature & Filter temperature range - 5°c to 50°c with a resolution of 0. 10c.

Bar press sensor   

Range 600 to 800 mm Hg. Resolution,  1 mm HG


20x4 LCD display showing parameters in real time viz.

·         Flow rate (16. 67) LPM

·         Volumetric flow

·         Ambient temperature

·         Filter temperature

·         Barometric pressure

Output terminal       

RS-232 port for transferring data into pc.

option for USB available.

Calibrated from

Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad, Kerala

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